Lightburn running on Macbbok Air M1 Chip?!

Hello! I wanted to know if Lightburn is running on the new Macbook Air with M1 Chip? Many thanksmin advance for your answers!

Since the adoption of Intel chips, the chip doesn’t matter.

If the MacBook is running MacOS X, you’re good to go.

Have you tried the 30-day free trial?

The M1 chip is ARM based, not intel based, so it is doubtful that LightBurn will run on it.

We haven’t done any testing of our own on that hardware yet, but I’ve been told by at least one user that LightBurn runs and the performance is decent, but it’s not native M1 code yet, and won’t be for some time - it’ll take a while for the libraries used to be ported, drivers to be updated, and so on.


I have a Macbook Air M1, and Lightburn works normally and without any noticeable performance hit. I assume it’s using the Rosetta 2 translational layer, but this happens seamlessly and in the background.


I have a new MacBook air with the M1 chip. Lightburn runs fine and I have used it on many projects… Steve


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