Lightburn says laser is disconnected

Hello! Urgently in need of help. this has happened in the past and there’s no rhyme or reason to why it reconnects. Unfortunately this time its taken way too long to reconnect. Lightburn says laser is disconnected. We have a ruida controller and for some reason they wont talk to each other. We’ve been trouble shooting all day and still cant get the two to talk We have the latest version of lightburn installed, averything has been rebooted over and over again. Is there some proper workaround that im missing here?

Have you clicked on the tab “devices” when this happens? Try that and choose the proper controller.

Right-click the ‘Devices’ button in the ‘Laser’ tab to reestablish the connection. :slight_smile:

Which OS and how are you connected?

Yes to resetting and we are using windows 10. We only have one controller to choose from. We are presently using a USB cord to connect which doesn’t make any sense. Ethernet should work perfectly.

For USB, this is worth review, Connection Issues - LightBurn Software Documentation

Can I assume you used to connect via Ethernet, and are having issues with that? Your wording is not clear. :slight_smile:

This is worth review for connecting via Ethernet,

My apologies. I’ve been writing in such a frenzy all while troubleshooting this issue snd trying to get things done. Stressful times and having these technical issues doesn’t help.
We have been connected via Ethernet now for a couple of years. 95% of the time it works flawlessly. The other 5% is when, without warning, it says laser is disconnected. I have researched online possible remedies such as rebooting in certain sequences, reinstalling, etc. There isn’t one foolproof way of fixing this as of yet. Sometimes it just seems to remedy itself.
Unfortunately it seems that is no longer the case. All day yesterday it remained disconnected via Ethernet, so that is when I finally opted to reinstall Ruida with USB. This has worked but has been challenging since the cable isn’t long enough (that is temporary as I’ll get a longer one) but it doesn’t resolve my issues with the Ethernet cable.

Thank you for the clarification, and I understand. When you are connected via Ethernet, you should be able to simply Right-click the devices button to reconnect. Are you having issue sending files to the controller, or is this the LightBurn screen reporting the disconnection?

If the laser used to work, and now doesn’t, and nothing else has changed, check to make sure you can ping the laser - literally type the command PING followed by the IP address of your laser in a command prompt and press enter.

If that fails, there’s some issue with the connection itself - possibly physical like a bad cable, or the short extension cable between the laser case and the controller has failed, or it could be that your networking router decided to assign the same IP you use for the laser to something else on your network.

Reviewing the post Rick linked above about connecting via Ethernet is good just for a refresher.

There’s some helpful troubleshooting info here. I will try tomorrow and give news of hopefully some successes. Thanks for your help so far!!

So tried to ping controller. Comes back as unreachable.

Did you check the IP setting on the laser and make sure that it is on the same subnet as your computer? If they are and you still can’t ping it then check your router to see if it shows the laser as an attached device or just try a different ethernet cord.

or try to assign permanently, in your router, that IP at your laser with MAC address

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