Lightburn says no Laser connected

My licensed Lightburn 1.2.01 works well with data on USB-drive. Now I´m using a camera and lightburn says: Laser disconnected.

while searching for a laser, no device is beeing found.
But Laser is connected via USB. Does anybody had the same problem and knows, how to act?

The disconnected message is only for the laser, is that the issue or the camera? Sorry I can’t read, what I think is the error message in the other window.

Have you ever connected to the Ruida with lightburn or has it always been via sneaker-net?

Are you using usb or Ethernet?

Did you add your Ruida manually in the setup?


Thanks for your answer.
the camera is directly connected via USB.
It is the first time I connected lightburn directly to the ruida. Also this connection is via USB. The cable is a brandnew one, delivered with my laser.
While searching for a connected device, nothing appears, so I added the ruida setups manually, one with serial/USB-connection (Ruida1), one with packet/USB (Ruida2).
Do I have to be online, while searching? If Yes, I don´t have network in my workshop.

Are you sure you have the proper driver for Lightburn? I use Ubuntu Linux, and haven’t been on a windows machine since 7, so I’m not sure what I can do here.

Try this link and maybe it will help you find the device.

Do you have an Ethernet port on the local pc you have connected to the laser?

I used usb for about a week and went to Ethernet, what a difference…

Good luck