LightBurn Settings Speed Verses Power?

Have been struggling with this for days with no luck, Watching YouTube Videos and still Lost as a ball in high weeds, I have Not even been able to burn a hole in a piece of paper, Using Windows 10 64, Machine Controller is AXBB-E and Control Software is UCCNC, I can’t figure out to get speed and Power% to do simple Letter Engraving, I would appreciate some correct Screenshots or info on the correct Settings, Also Every time I create a line of Text, it looks great in LightBurn, But when It Pulls up in the UCCNC Software it is backwards and upside down, If I Reverse it 180 degrees i LightBurn Then Save the G-Code, It opens okay,
Thanks fellers,

Lightburn is (or should be) your control software.
I assume that controller will look like a Marlin to Lightburn…?


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