Lightburn suddenly abort Engraving Process

I’m new in this forum and hope to get a solvate of my problem: I got a problem that LB often times suddenly finish the engraving process without prompting a failure. If i print from SD no problem. I was changing the connetion speed up and down… no effect. Anybody knows about this problem?

This is known to happen and most times it is due to communication reset between the computer and the controller. I would start with connection points to ensure you are working with a known good cable and the connections are snuggly inserted on both ends. Next, investigate electrical noise/interference such as an air pump, compressor, exhaust fan…heck even the mini-fridge holding your favorite beverage can kick on and cause these disconnects. Right-click the Devices button to reset the connection.

This is rarely a software issue. As evidence, you said, “If i print from SD no problem.” Yes, once the file has been successfully transferred to the SD card, you are running directly from the controller, eliminating the possibility of communication drops/resets.

OK, know I tried to use a very short connetion cabel ( it’s new) with another laptop just beside my machine… Same Problem. I use Win 10, but there is also an option für USB Power Saving… I’ll deactivate an report tomorrow. Thanks!

Both tested. No effect. this is really sad, cause it’s uncomfortable to use the SD. If anybody has another good idea… I would be happy about it.

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