Lightburn to control 120 volt power to Air compressor

Wondering if/how LB with Ruida controller can power on/off air compressor?

See this thread. Be sure to read it all, since there seems to be a difference of opinion on how to wire parts of it. Air assist solenoid questions/Flame when cutting/How to test air assist - #4 by LaserWillie

I have the machine turn on my ventilation and low air pressure via the ‘status’ control.

The fan is controlled by a solid state switch and the solenoid directly.

And the two solenoids to enable air, and the other to bypass the restrictor for high pressure…

The bypass solenoid is wired to ‘Wind’ on the Ruida.

All devices are connected to 24V then the Ruida completes the ground (sinks).

Thank you. My wiring skills are Very basic and very new to the Ruida controlled CO2.
When you say: “I have the machine turn on my ventilation and low air pressure via the ‘status’ control.
The fan is controlled by a solid state switch and the solenoid directly.” I’m not sure I understand. Simple schematic drawing /sketch of the wiring?

I do understand the Solenoid /plumbing arrangement, but have no idea where to connect the wiring.

I understand the solenoid /plumbing set up and think the Solid state relay would power the compressor and ventilation motor. Would that be set up in Lightburn? 24 volt Connections to power supply and separate 120 volt switched by solid state switch? Not sure what locations to attach wires on power suppy?

The problem is, Ruida has no delay that we can find. This makes it unsuitable for an air pump switch- but it will work with a valve as long as it is located near the gantry.

Reason being, the laser can start immediately- as in the most often case where you set a work origin at the corner of your content and the laser is parked there when you hit “Start”. It will fire immediately and can blow smoke into the lens. It takes less than a second for an air assist pump to spool up and get air flowing from one end of the tubing to the other, but that’s still just not acceptable.

You’d think there’d be a delay when you select “Wind”, right? Well I couldn’t find it. Oh, hey, under Machine Config, there’s “Start Delay”. That… oh crap it inserts that delay before EVERY layer. No, that sucks.

Maybe LB can add that delay into the job? It sounds possible. But we’re a makerspace with an open membership. Since not doing so can damage the lens, it can’t be a layer config option. It has to be in the config area users don’t touch. It seems beside the point because the “WIND” button IS already an option in layer config. If we hooked up the AA compressor to trigger on Wind, then it’s all too easy to miss that and run it without AA and damage the machine, literally more people than not will miss that. And very few people actually ever need it off.

The air actually needs to be on the STATUS output which should be active when the job is running irrespective of the “wind” button.

Much appreciated. You obviously understand this more than me. So, ill attempt to locate the Status connection on my Ruida 6445?

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