LightBurn update notification

Is LB to notify me of available updates when opened? I see 9.10 is out and I’m on 9.09. Is this partly due to the “error creating SSL context ()” error when I manually check for updates?
Running Ubuntu Mate 18.04.04 on the 4.15.0-88 Kernel

If the SSL error is still present it’s just going to do that silently for the auto check.

Try this:
sudo apt install openssl1.0 libssl1.0-dev

That has worked for a number of others to fix the ssl issue.

yup, I can manually check for updates now. good enough! Thanks, Bill N.

I meant, if the manual check does work, 0.9.09 and up will auto-check successfully too.

OK, reopened LB a couple of times, no notification. Does it only do it on a scheduled time?

It only checks once a day.

OK, good enough, I’ll check tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

OpenSSL 1.0 does not exist on Debian anymore. So, my solution was to use system Qt5 libs. I have renamed libs/ to libs.disabled/ and created an empty libs/, just in case. Qt 5.12.5 is already installed on my machine. LB starts fine but then crashes somewhere in bearer plugin binaries. I removed the bearer plugin and UI loads fine now, checking for updates work, too. What is that bearer for, anyway?

I’ve never heard of it - I have no idea. Google comes up with this:

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