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Anyone know if the new LB Wifi will work with a Sculpfun S9?

I assume you’re referring to LightBurn Bridge. Bridge only works for Ruida controllers. No other wireless solution is offered by LightBurn. There are some on this forum that are using external solutions to enable wireless capability but that’s a strictly DIY scenario.

My older DSP controller has an Ethernet cord that I plug into a Wi-Fi bridge. So my laptop uploads files to the controller wirelessly and I can do commands like moving, box, run and start. No drama & no Raspberry , it just works every time.

Wifi bridges are probably the most common solutions I see but are limited to ethernet.

All solutions will come down to virtualizing an IP or serial interface that LightBurn can reference natively which then takes LB instruction and converts it to a wireless signal and then using a hardware solution to receive the wireless communication and converting to USB or ethernet.

I saw that there was one guy using a bluetooth serial usb adapter for this.

I also had a wifi ‘bridge’ for talking to the Ruida. I have since moved to the Lightburn Pi.

The Ruida controllers use udp, not a robust protocol. The Lightburn people have written a layer of code to handle as many of the downfalls that the udp protocol has.

So your (and my) ‘bridge’ and that of the Lightburn are not comparable.

I had a Pi and just installed the software on it. My old bridge work well also…


Hi. I saw this one: LightBurn - Raspberry Pi Trick for a Wireless Laser Cutter

I just bought a Sculpfun S10 and want a wireless solution. Any progress on this?