Lightburn will not find my Rudia laser

I was using the trial and it wouldn’t identify my unit, so I have downloaded the DSP version and it still doesnt work. Any ideas?

We can help sort but need a bit more to clarify. You identify in your profile that you have an “80 Watt Chinese”. I am not familiar with this model or manufacture. :slight_smile: What are you really working with?

You can use the link below to help with identification if required. You can also post a picture of the control panel of your system and we can help as well.

Our Trial is a full DSP version only limited by the time you have to play with it.

You can always define the ‘Device Profile’ required during the LightBurn set up process manually. Cancel the ‘Find my Laser’ and click the ‘Create Manually’ button to provide the needed information by hand.

This assumes we support your hardware. So, what controller are you using to drive this laser?

Check that you actually have a Ruida DSP controller. Past that, what kind of computer are you using? Windows / Mac / Linux? If Windows, have you installed the driver for the controller? (It’s on the last page of the LightBurn software install, called the FTDI driver)

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