Lightburn will not initiate the laser

Lightburn won’t initate the laser. RDworks will. I’d much rather use lightburn…

This machine sat for over a year before being moved to a new building. I worked perfectly when it was last used. Now that it’s in its new home it’s time to get it going again.

The only somewhat major mod was to add a solenoid for compressed air assist and to remove the stock exhaust fan to make room for a bigger ducted solution.

Running windows 10 (up-to-date) and have tried the most current version of LightBurn as well as v0.9.19 and all have the same issue.

Installed and selected to have the drivers installed at the end.

Lightburn finds and downloads the machine config no prob. Only change was to activate the air assist.

Both “Send” and “Start” result the same. X & Y move, air assist comes on, but no laser.

I had an old program on the controller already so I ran that to be sure it wasn’t anything else (mirrors, etc.) and it ran just fine. I even installed RDWorks v8.01.48 to try to see if it was software vs. hardware and it ran the laser just fine.

I feel like there’s a setting somewhere in LightBurn I’m missing. Yes, I have “Output” enabled.
Screenshots and video below…

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Video of what’s going on…

Your settings are certainly in the ballpark, and little different to mine except you have laser 1 & 2 enabled and air assist & door interlock turned off.

We know your machine is working, because RDW works fine, so there has to be some simple solution.

If you can, save your file as lbrn2 and post it here - it will save a lot of back-and-forth.

Here’s a simple box that should turn the laser on but only moves the head and turns on the air assist but doesn’t enable the tube.

test cut.lbrn (4.3 KB)

This is a setting issue and understanding how power is applied as it relates to the speed you are asking the laser to travel.

Could this be what you are experiencing? What happens if you bump the Min Power and try this job again?

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