Lightburn with AWC708C over Ethernet and Rotary

I have been using my Boss LS-2436 over an Ethernet connection and has been working fine. I decided to try the Rotary attachment and have not been able to get Lightburn to recognize the Rotary and show the Rotary Setup. I changed the “Rotate Fun” setting on the machine and reset. Still nothing.

Running a AWC708C Controller. The “Normal” (non-Rotary) setup is using a Trocen/AWC device. I have also tried converting to a USB connection and having issues with the Drivers. (separate issue) Is there a known compatibility issues with an Ethernet connected AWC controller and Rotary?

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This post explains it:

Where is enable rotary? (using a Trocen)

I already have that setting enabled in the “Settings” menu and the Rotary still does not show up. I understand all the rotary settings are set in the controller but do not understand how that affect using a rotary. Is there a difference in how I should manipulate the image in Lightburn? Do I ignore anything to do with the rotary in Lightburn and just adjust the controller settings until the image comes out right?

In testing, I did try to create a Ruida controller device since it is a Boss. It gets the Rotary settings to appear in Lightburn but the settings do not save and reset as soon as I try to apply them.

You completely missed the important message in there. EVERYTHING has to be done from the Trocen control panel:

If it’s a Trocen controller, you can’t just configure a Ruida controller in LightBurn and expect it to work like a Ruida. It is a Trocen controller, and has to be configure and used as such.

I did get that from the post and I only tried a Ruida controller in testing.

What is not being answered is how to treat a Trocen controller in/with Lightburn. What became confusing is all the published documentation from Boss shows Ligthburn enabling the Rotary control in the software. That turns out not to be the case; with no explanation as to the change, impact, or how to handle.

My thoughts but they probably won’t help.

I use an AWC708 that I purchased several years ago from light objects, a Laser company out of California. They relabeled it but it’s that model number. Lightburn device: LO-X7

If I want to get into the settings I use a program they supplied called RayCam I’ve never been able to access controller setting thru Lightburn. I don’t change them often.

When I purchased the controller the guy who runs the company offer to enable the rotary feature but you would have to send it back. I never did. I did play with rotary a bit by just swapping the Y axis stepper cable for the one on the rotary. Kind of a pita.

If I ever got into that, I would need a new controller, I assume. Good luck.

Ultimately, with a Trocen controller, LightBurn knows absolutely nothing about it. It’s all configured in the controller itself. You obviously have an older Boss machine, as their newer LS machines come with a Ruida controller, hence their videos showing the rotary config. I believe that their HP class machines still use Trocen controllers, so maybe you can look at the docs for those machines. Perhaps this post will help better understand:

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