LightBurn with Camera on Linux / Formatting computer

Tux is just he Linux mascots name…

Let’s get it working …


:wink: I mean Pick Tux, shouldn’t it be downloaded and installed?

You will have options on how to install things. Some programs are in repositories, like all of the supported software for Ubuntu along with the source if you want to build the executable yourself.

If it’s an application, you have to download it and install it…

You can install it via an additional ppa, which points to a different repository.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ffmpeg obs-studio

From a command window, copy and paste each line, one at a time… into the window. This should install OBS…

If you have questions about what a command is, use ‘man command’, for apt, ‘man apt’ That’s the manual pages for that software.

If you want to find a command, use ‘apropos command’, it will search…

jack@Kilo:~$ apropos sudo
cvtsudoers (1)       - convert between sudoers file formats
gnome-sudoku (6)     - puzzle game for the popular Japanese sudoku logic puzzle
sssd-sudo (5)        - Configuring sudo with the SSSD back end
sudo (8)             - execute a command as another user
sudo.conf (5)        - configuration for sudo front-end
sudo_logsrv.proto (5) - Sudo log server protocol
sudo_logsrvd (8)     - sudo event and I/O log server
sudo_logsrvd.conf (5) - configuration for sudo_logsrvd
sudo_plugin (8)      - Sudo Plugin API
sudo_root (8)        - How to run administrative commands
sudo_sendlog (8)     - send sudo I/O log to log server
sudoedit (8)         - execute a command as another user
sudoers (5)          - default sudo security policy plugin
sudoers_timestamp (5) - Sudoers Time Stamp Format
sudoreplay (8)       - replay sudo session logs
visudo (8)           - edit the sudoers file


…I think it is installed

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:beer: …this is the first round I owe

Just reading this now.
It reminded me of a thread a few months back where an old camera driver could be applied to the LightBurn build in Linux.

I’m sure you’ve seen it but you may want to keep it handy.


Many thanks for this info.
Right now I want to try what Jack recommends. I’m not comfortable with Linux and really appreciate Jack’s attempt to help me.
We’ll take it from there…

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…just let me know when it’s convenient for you to move on from here.

I thought for a while if it was better and less embarrassing to do this per PM, but there must be some others out there who can hopefully use something from this topic. So I stand by it :wink:


I take time when I can and don’t know all about linux.

Most of the people reading threads don’t appreciate the discussion to up and disappear from in front of them. Which is what happens with a pm.

The more of us looking at something the accurate the information or at least a different view.

You have absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed. You have knowledge in other vital areas… I advocate that you make better decisions with better knowledge…


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You may need to update your installation. Run this in Terminal:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

On a different note. I tested my LightBurn camera on a Fedora 37 installation and it picked it up and showed a live image without issue.

Note that I have an 8MP 85 degree camera. Not sure how the various cameras differ but at least that’s one data point.

I am currently running what you wrote and hoping for the best.
My camera is a LightBurn 90 degree original camera and it works fine under Mac OS and Windows.
So if everything goes wrong, I can still consider doing an OS change.

A quick explanation… the && is a conditional … all programs should return a value upon completion.

A zero is success and anything other than 0 is a failure. In the above, it executes the apt update and if it’s successful it will exec the apt upgrade.

Consequently if the apt update fails, it will not attempt to execute the apt upgrade

My 2¢ worth…


As an aside, if you want to free up your License Key seat without going to Cryptlex you can go to ‘Help > License Management’ and select ‘Deactivate License’

I haven’t observed any problems with the update/upgrade, but I don’t have enough knowledge to judge whether everything went as it should.

After the update/upgrade, I restarted the computer and tried to start OBS again - with the same disappointing result. I also tried the camera directly with LightBurn again, but as soon as I select my camera, LigtBurn crashes. (Cheese has no problems with the camera)

It’s a shame to keep you going with such a stupid problem, sorry.

this is on 20.04 correct? It should run without issue, unless the update/upgrade changed your glibc version perhaps?

Thanks, I did that yesterday, it works fine this way toggling the license on and off.
It is my workshop PC which is exclusively used for my lasers, which I have reformatted with Ubuntu from Mint. I can use LightBurn fine with both distros, but without a camera.
Of course I have saved all my projects, but my machine settings, material library and also my art library - I forgot in the heat of the battle. Not a broken leg, I can remember most of the material settings and have made a test piece with all materials and their optimal settings. In the art library there was something that hurts, but I’ll probably get that sorted again.

…everyone else, REMEMBER to save these files too, once in a while, not just the projects!!

Yes it is this version (if the last update didn’t upgrade Ubuntu itself, I haven’t checked)
…glipc I have no idea what it is.

The update as it was written will not upgrade the distribution, just the individual packages.

I’ll try installing Ubuntu 20.04 today and testing this.