Limit switches Swap

Can I take the limit switches off of my Ortur Laser Master 2 pro and put them on my Longer Ray 5?

Hi Eric,

A couple pictures of each would help if you want to just swap them.
I would imagine they should be pretty similar

On the Longer though, does it currently have switches or wiring for them?

no MyLonger Ray 5 didn’t come with them

Right, in that case, you got to consider going around the interwebs and search for people that have done it before. Will save you some pains

16$ for switches and wiring is really a good deal.

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Why not just buy a set of switches? I am sure the LM2 would still need them.

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I don’t use the Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 anymore. There appears to be something wrong with the machine and the cost of to repair it, I would save money by buying the Machine I have now. The Longer Ray 5. So the other laser does not need them anymore. Buy I did pay the 16 bucks and bought them on Amazon. They should be here this week.

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Did you post any questions about getting help to fix the Ortur? You might consider fixing it so you have a backup machine, or one for doing the nasty or risky jobs you do not want to pit on the new one.