Lines when cutting tumbler

I have a LM2 with Neje 30w laser module and a vevor rotary attachment. I am sure this has to do with rotation per mm setting but when I change that setting it just changes the size of the lettering. Lost
right now, would appreciate any input.

Search for “rotary” and you’ll find lots of explanations.

Is there a specific question here somewhere?

I don’t think you understand what it’s doing from your comments, lets refresh…

There are two types of rotaries, generally. Roller or wheeled and chuck. I looked yours up and it appears to be a roller or wheel type.

The machine only needs to know two things on that type. Steps for 1 rotation of the drive wheel and the size of the drive wheel. You are probably changing the drive wheel size.

Your documentation for that rotary should state the size of the drive wheel at least pretty close. Mine had to change by 1mm. If you can’t find it you’ll have to measure it.

Maybe @OrturTech knows where that data is.

You should understand how this works to get the best job out of the machine. It’s not rocket science.

Good luck.