Linuxcnc Postprocessor M106? why?

Any chance of being able to choose the Mcode for laser control with the postprocessor please?

LinuxCNC (like other cnc softwares) allows the option to use mcodes which operate in sync with motion

M67 allows you to control the laser in sync with the motion with a power output range from 0 (off) to 1 (on / 100%)

M106 doesn’t exist within linuxcnc, it is easy enough to create a new m-code, the problem is that it won’t operate in sync with the motion (i.e. the motion axis will slow down when they need to fire the laser causing a jerk in the motion).

Any chance in being able to change this somehow, or allowing for a settings file to be edited for the post processor?

[UCCNC works very similar, it just uses M10 Pxxx where P is between 0-254 to control the power output for the laser in sync with the motion]

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