Little farm car lasered but fit bad

Thank you, that will be a big help as I am wanting to make a lot of boxes.

You can try playing a little with the kerf settings and see how it looks in preview. It is actually quite interesting and clear.
In my example, it is square with 40mm and 0.5mm kerfsetting to be able to see it.

I can’t seem to get it to open right. Would it be to much trouble to take a screen shot and just send that? Unless you know of something easier?

I once lasered a 20x20mm block, and found out that X was good, but Y was 0.5 mm smaller, so 1.95 mm, so I calibrated it, tomorrow I’ll see if it is better now.

Sorry you can’t open it, you changed the extension to “.ods”?
Anyway, here’s the Screen dump with both formulas.


Thank you for that. I really do appreciate it.

The file for the formula opens if you have open office…Thanks for it…

how did you get that 106,666
could you explain how to do that??
I now have 3mm MDF and would like the drawing a bit bigger, because a lot doesn’t fit now
do you have a movie showing how to do it???

.look for question

6.6666% is what is needed to get to 3.2mm from 3mm.
100 as a starting point from the original plus the 6.6…% must then be entered in LightBurn.

You can use the formula or the small spreadsheet to enter any material thickness and the desired value.

If it is “only” the fit itself that needs to be fine-tuned, kerf is used for that. (I use 0.05-0.075 as a standard for my finger joints, I like them a bit tight.

what is KERF?? the translator also returns KERF, but I don’t know what that is.

Kerf is the value used to compensate tool thickness.
If you cut through a piece of wood, the width of the slot, that is your kerf.

How do I decipher this file?

…" An ODS file is a spreadsheet created by Calc, a spreadsheet program included with the LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice suites. It stores data in cells organized into rows and columns, and it may also contain charts, mathematical functions, and formatting. ODS files are similar to .XLSX files."…

After replacing “txt” with “ods” all spreadsheet programs should be able to import or directly open the file.
But, as I said, it’s just a simple percentage calculation.

((New size)/(old size)) * 100%

3.2/3 * 100 = 106~ish

thanks for answer ,good answer thanks

hi dean would you share your file or maybe sell it thanks

It is a very small primitive spreadsheet, you enter your starting dimension and what you want to get, nothing more or less.
Of course you are welcome to have the small file.
Depending on what type of spreadsheet you have (open office and co. or ms office) you select the file and just delete “.txt”
Come back if it doesn’t work.

Procentregning LightBurn.xlsx.txt (5.3 KB)

Procentregning LightBurn.ods.txt (10.8 KB)


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