LM2 20w not homing on x axis

Hoping somebody can help resolve this issue.
I’ve been using my 20w LM2 for a couple of months without issue and getting great results.

All of a sudden it’s stopped homing on the c axis and I’m getting an Alarm 8 homing fail. Cycle failed to clear the limit switch when pulling off.

I’ve not changed any of my previous settings in lightburn and although I’m using Mac OS I haven’t updated to the the recent version of lightburn yet as others reported issues. Firmware on the laser is showing v1.37.

I’ve rechecked all the wiring in case anything came loose and I’ve taken it all out and put it back in again. I don’t think it’s anything to do with lightburn as the x fails to home when I plug it in without attaching it to my computer which suggests it’s definitely an issue with the LM2 itself.

I can manually home the laser to the 0 position and move it around remotely from lightburn and have full control over both axis so this issue has me stumped.

Please help as I’ve had to stop taking orders so I really need it up and running again. Thank you.

The fact that your X axis stoped moving is a bit strange, usually what happens is users ignore the cable ties and near the motherboard the bottom of the stepper cable comes undone (but this is Y stepper). As machine is moved the cables get moved too and the connectors come undone

Could you take a picture of the cabling near the motherboard as well please, front ish angle?


Here are some extra pics, I’ve had no luck solving the issue since posting.

Are the pictures I posted ok or do you require more?

Cant see anything peculiarly wrong on your wiring
can you in lightburn console type $RST=* and press enter
then move head to center, power off, power on . record in video a small video clip and upload (here) or orturtech.wetransfer.com
at times hearing and seeing it identifys the problem better

Hey Gil,

I’ve sent over the wetransfer video, here’s the link https://we.tl/t-K797nJLqQd


This MIGHT indicate that the homing switch is remaining “closed”. Can you put a meter on this switch and confirm it is “open” when laser not homed, and “closes” when you trip it manually?

Power off laser, unplug switch and use the “ohms/continuity” setting on the meter to watch the switch work.