LM2 Pro jerky motion triggering G-Sensor when traversing at 45 degrees

I have had an issue with my LM2 Pro stopping mid job with a G-Sensor trigger error. After a lot of digging around I found that the command G0 X200 Y200 starting with the Laser head in the home position often ( not always) caused the issue to occur. The head moved in a jerky motion with no noticeable accel/decceleration ramps. Other G0 commands to regions on the work space typically did not. Only the 45 degree traverse was a problem. Ortur support told me to set the G-sensor $262 to a higher level, but this did not fix the motion issue, just masked it. I sent all the require info back to them but never got a response. Now a new FW release is out and guess what, they mention stuttering of movement fixes so I can assume that they did in fact find an issue, and it seems to have fixed the problem. This release ( OLF 1_55 for the LM2 Pro) is important and may resolve issues some of you are having regarding jobs stopping mid way.

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