LM2 Wiring Keeps Breaking

I have 3 Laser Master 2’s and 3 of the original Laser Masters. I have had to replace the wiring on the LM2’s on all three machines and now I’m having problems with the second sets. The pins pull out of the connection to the laser or I get intermittent issues along the stretch from the main board to the middle section. I have had to replace the circuit board/x-axis endstop once as well and now one of them has burn marks on it as a result of the wiring coming loose at the laser. Worst of all I have had to replace two 20watt lasers from these issues.

Am I the only one having these problems? Is there a good wiring guide upgrade that anyone can recommend? I have replaced all of these parts out of pocket. Will Ortur provide some service on these issues? I’ve just about had enough of the cheap wiring and routing.