LM2 x axis motor siezed?

Hi All
My 3 month old LM2 which has had very little use has possibly burned out the x axis stepper motor. I’m new to lasers in general and haven’t found the flaws as yet. I’ve checked the belt tension, checked for debris, disconnected and reseated the wiring and several reboots but it just makes a humming noise and doesn’t home or even move. Any suggestions are welcome

Does the X Axis move smoothly when it’s powered off and you move it by hand?
Does the X motor TRY to move or is it totally dead? One test is to try to move the X Axis while powered on. If the X motor is getting any power then there will be strong resistance to moving.
If there is any power going to the motor, then I would suspect bad connector/connection or, believe it or not, bad or broken wire (I just chased this problem on my CNC router - one of the wires was broken INSIDE the jackets cable!).
If none of the above, it could be the stepper motor or the controller board. Ortur will need to help you with that problem.

yes it moves smoothly by hand when not powered. The motor hums but doesn’t move, there is significant resistance when you try and move it by hand.

Occam’s razor says it’s a connector. If you have a spare stepper motor, you could try that. Or, after you start up and the Y homes, give it a bit of time to give up on trying to home X and then unplug the Y cable, plug the X cable into the Y motor and see if you can jog ‘X’ - the Y motor will move if everything BUT the X motor is ok. The Y motor will not move if it’s the wiring or the controller board.

UPDATE: By ‘trying’ a spare stepper motor, I’m just saying plug the X cable into it without mounting the stepper. Just to see if the motor turns. If it does turn, then you can replace the existing X stepper with the spare.