LM3 Not Cutting Passes Correctly

catcandle-1.lbrn2 (85.6 KB)

Hello all! I purchased the LM3 a few months ago and have been using it fairly regularly. I’m not having an issue with the subsequent passes being off. I’ve checked all of the belts just to make sure they’re not loose and they seem to be correct.

I’ve done quite a few cuts and not had this issue, so I’m not sure where to go next. Before trying this Steve Good project, I engraved about 4 boards with no issues at all.

Pictures and the LB file are attached.

Thank you for the help!

You have checked the set screws on your stepper pulleys?

I did find a loose set screw on the Y axis. I tightened them all and ran another project. It cut fine until half way and it’s losing steps again.

I’m going to use some blue loctite when I check them again, so hopefully that resolves the issue.

The loctite is a good idea. I’d also suggest making sure that the screw is being locked against the flat of the stepper driver if there is one.

Thanks all for the help! So far so good after using loctite.

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