LM3 y-axis movement failure

I just assembled a ‘new’ LM3. I think it was a repackage as some of the subassemblies were already put together, there were tool marks where the idler pulleys had been installed and removed, and none of the test pieces of wood, acrylic, etc were in the box.

That aside, I assembled it, but the y-axis movement is messed up. Trying to jog the Y-axis using the app only results just loud vibrations in the machine, the same thing happens when it tries to home and it fails. Trying to jog the Y axis on a fast setting produces movement that seems appropriate, but sometimes the motor will just randomly go in the other direction. I’ve tensioned the belts in accordance with the videos, but it doesn’t make any difference. This seems like a motherboard or motor issue to me? I sent an email to the Support address for Ortur, so we’ll see what they come back with. Does anybody have any other ideas?

This was the best you could do.

Meanwhile, that looks to me wrong stepper motor drive configuration, connection or setting.

If possible, swap one cable for the other on the board (the X axis cable for the Y axis cable) and observe if the problem changes axis.
If so, the problem will be on the board or in the drive settings, if not, the problem will be on the stepper motor.

It’ll be worthwhile to go through the whole mechanical tuneup checklist:

It’s for Sculpfun lasers, but the hardware is similar and the checklist will get you looking in all the right places.

Smooth, easy, stable motion is absolutely vital.

With the machine adjusted properly, then you can make progress on the speed & acceleration settings that are likely also wrong.

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