Looking for a Cohesion3d laserboard but sold out 😢

Hello, new to the laser world but have been in cnc work for a while. I have been looking forward to getting a cohesion3d board for my k40 but alas, they have been sold out for a while.

Anyone have one for sale?

Any recommendations for comparable or better boards that would work? Maybe better options?

Really want the pwm option and cof course have lightburn compatibility.

Thank you in advance for any information.


Is there a particular reason you’re looking for the C3D board? What are your goals?

As far as drop-in replacement boards you have a few options:

  1. C3D
  2. OmTech K40+ - this runs Smoothieware and is similar to the C3D board
  3. MG3 - this runs a GRBL variant
  4. Monport - they have a couple of different iteration of boards meant to be a drop-in replacement. These are GRBL based
  5. There are other more niche providers that offer similar drop-in replacement boards but are lesser well known

You also have the option of using a more general option like the MKS DLC32 but will likely not be as much a drop-in and may require rewiring connectors or other modifications. There are several examples of others doing so on this forum.

LX4s boards you can find them here Redirecting... i think they might have them on Amazon i have one and works good.

Thank you for the advice. The only reason I was set on a c3d board was I heard it was one of the best options with compatibility and features. I will look into your suggestions as alternatives. Thank you again.

I have a Cohesion 3D board in my K40. The tube just died, and I purchased a xtool diode instead of new tube. I will be listing the board on ebay soon if you are still needing one.

Thank you again for the assistance. I just purchased the k40+ board on Amazon. I might have jumped the gun, though, as it appears that it may not be compatible with the ribbon cable for the X axis on my laser. I couldn’t find any shields to convert it anywhere. Seems like it’s solder a new connection or nothing… May just return it and keep an eye out for the cohesion board. Do you have any suggestions or experience with this?

Indeed you’re correct. Without looking I would have assumed that it did have a ribbon connector as well.

There are adapter boards you can get if you simply want to convert the ribbon signals. There are kits, pre-made boards, or plans where you can build your own.

Some examples. Note that I cannot vouch for any of these:
K40 Adaptor Board v2 (kit) (awesome.tech)
K40 Laser Middleman Board - Etsy
Don’s Laser Things: K40 Middleman (donsthings.blogspot.com)
OSH Park ~

Thank you, I should’ve caught that before ordering honestly. Good to know there are breakout boards that could be compatible. I’ll take a look at your suggestions and I appreciate the detail and your response.

If you haven’t sold the Cohesion3D board yet could I buy it?

I just received my xtool d1 pro last Friday. After I set it up and get it working correctly, then I will pull the CD3 board from my K40. I will update this thread or PM you at that time. Thanks

Hey… It’s been 2 weeks. Were you able to pull the board from your K40?

I apologize, I have been ill and have not pulled it yet. Maybe this coming weekend. Thx for the following up.