Looking for input/suggestions

It seems I must have damaged my Diode laser module. It has (had?) an adjustable focus knob and since I was trying to ‘start fresh’ - I wound it all the way in. Not sure what happened from there - but now it just projects a bit old rectangle of blue light. Not sure if I broke or somehow lost the lens. It’s an old FA02 laser (2500mW) - I’m pretty sure I can’t buy a replacement lens.

So… in my quest to have a laser - I’m thinking of buying a replacement (I have the female comptroller approval so I have to strike while the credit card is hot!). At this point - I’m thinking of spending the bucks and getting a 40W module because my ultimate goal is still to cut wood. My questions are:

  1. anyone with recommendations on which / who’s to buy? They range in price on ebay from $120 out of China to $180 from Amazon. I’m thinking Amazon is a ‘safer’ purchase. Anyone have a good/better suggestion?
  2. my controller has a 2-pin laser connector. I am pretty sure I want to use ‘TTL’ type control (3-pin) and not ‘PWM’ (2-pin) but I have been wrong before (see note above - I AM married so well-experienced in ‘being wrong’). Again - suggestion on controller board? seems like I can get one for $35 or so from Amazon.

If anyone thinks they know what happened to my existing laser - I’m willing to try about anything… I can’t make it worse!.

Any ideas, suggestions or advice is happily considered.

Thanks everyone,

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