Lost My Layer bar at the bottom of the screen

I have lost my layer assignment/color bar at the bottom of the screen. I used it a couple of days ago, now I can’t assign layers.

Thank you, That didn’t work. I had already tried resetting the default layout under the “Window” tab that didn’t work either. I think I am going to uninstall the program and reload it to see if that helps.

I just uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and nothing changed. I updated to Windows 11, I wonder if that might be the issue.

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I have tried all of the above suggestions. I am sorry you feel the need to be so critical. Have a good evening. Maybe a nicer person will come along. No need to respond I am through with you.

Thank you.

I’ve go two different laptops both running Windows 10 and the same (latest) version of Lightburn. The difference seems to be the screen size and resolution.

One laptop I can see the layer selection bar which is docked along the bottom and the three tab selectors with the tab names for the Laser, Library and Art Library which are docked bottom right.

The other laptop I wasn’t able to see the layer selection bar or the tab selectors as they are hidden behind the Windows Task Bar.

As a work-around which getting old, I set the Windows Task Bar to Auto Hide.

Once the Windows Task Bar hides I was able to see the layer selection bar and drug it and docked it along the left side of the screen. While the Windows Task Bar is hidden I can see the tab selectors but trying to click on one of the activates the Windows Task Bar which covers them again.

There are a limited number of screen resolution settings available and I hate to set this laptop to a smaller display screen as it is hard enough working one this one as it is.

Any ideas?

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I have the same problem on one of my pc, i simply minimize LB then back to full screen and the cut/Palette bar appears again

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It is fixed, it was a laptop screen size issue. I had it stuck in my mind that is was a software issue. Being old is tough sometimes. 8^). I drug the layer panel to the top of the screen and parked it.

As @killrob says, just minimise and maximise and it will be okay. This seems to be mainly a laptop issue.


i’ve noticed that is an issue on less than 19" wide screens


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