Mac doesn't connect to Ruida, using USB c

Hi Guys,

I’m a complete newbie. just saying :wink:

I’ve try to connect my Ruida RDC6442s to my MacBook Pro.
(on my windows 10 laptop it works perfectly with LightBurn)
I using a usb kabel and a connector (from apple) to USB c.

I think FTDI controller works? It recognize something… But LB doesn’t recognize the machine.

Does someone know a solution, or could it be the still be the FTDI?

Hi Guys,

I’ve found the soulution:
I download the VCP driver
Latest is from 2019-12-24. Reboot my system, restart LB, and it automatically recognized the machine!

I’m using OSX Catalina (10.15.2)

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And it stopt connecting. I’ve did a test job. Now 2 days later it doesnt connect anymore… Hopeless…
But I’ll keep on trying, if I found something or someone have some tip for me please let me know.

The better solution for Mac is connecting with an Ethernet cable. The driver issues with USB are well known and fixable, but it’s a bit of a pain.

Connecting with Ethernet:

Fixing the USB issue:

Thanks! But now I can’t see it in the usb tree anymore, and it doesn’t connect with my windows.
So I think something is wrong with the Ruida it self.
Ethernet is’t working… Nothing seems to work anymore, I think it started after I installed the D2XX driver.
Is it possible it effects the Ruida Controller in the laser??

The D2XX driver is packet only, I think, not virtual serial, but it shouldn’t affect Ethernet. Can you ping the laser from the command line?

Yes I got ethernet working. but still the USB doesn’t work. It strange…
I’ll keep on trying. :wink:

Using Ethernet is going to be the best option really. I wouldn’t bother worrying about USB.

True, I think I stick to this. :wink:

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