Mac keeps losing connection

Hi guys. I’m on my last day of trial and am going to buy it but I need to sort two problems , I have to keep resetting my Mac book every job which is a little annoying and also , I don’t seem to be able to adjust the laser power . 1% or 100% all seems the same

Welcome and thanks for posting. First, send your trial key and point to this post in an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and we can extend the trial.

Next, you need to provide more specific information for us to be able to offer decent responses to your inquiries. Please review this to get the best results from your posts.

Please describe this in greater detail. What, exactly, are you “resetting”?

What ‘Devices’ profile do you have selected in LightBurn? How are you trying to adjust the power? What type of cut are you trying? What are the settings for this test cut? What was the result?

Please keep in mind that we are not there to see the little details that one might if there. You are our eyes, so tell us in as clear and detailed as you can. :wink:

This is a MacOS issue that we have no control over. MacOS includes a USB to serial driver that conflicts with the one used by the Ruida. If you can connect using an Ethernet cable, that will be the simplest approach. Otherwise, read here for how to fix this through the console:

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