MacBook Pro compatibility with laser cutter incorporating Ruida controller

I have a MacBook Pro computer with Catalina os and I’m considering buying a uk made laser cutter incorporating a Ruida controller. I’m concerned about compatibility issues. Can someone help?

USB has known issues, we are considering different solutions, none of which come without consequences, though there is a newer driver that appears to be working for everyone we’ve sent it to so far.

Connecting via Ethernet cable is most reliable and works very well, and does not have the issues with the driver.

Hi Rick
Thanks for that. Please excuse my ignorance but you’re reaching the boundaries of my computer knowledge. Please can you tell me what a driver is, also what is an Ethernet cable and does my new MacBook Pro have an Ethernet connection?
Regards Peter

This is a small communication software, usually included with the hardware that is required to talk from the Mac to the Ruida controller. Here is a post that gets into the details:

This I could not answer with what you have provided, but no matter what configuration the MacBook, Apple provides a solution for you to connect via Eithernet.

Thanks Rick
So, it sounds like the Ethernet cable is the best solution. Can I assume that the laser cutter will have an Ethernet connection?

Hi Rick
Re Ethernet, am I right in thinking that we have an Ethernet cable which plugs into the computer (via the USB-C adapter) at one end and the laser cutter at the other?

I would double-check this with your supplier.

This is one way to connect via Eithernet. You could configure to use via a router/hub as well, but this gets into how you may have your network set up which you have not shared.

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