Mach3 CNC controller compatibility

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I built a 1200mm x 1200 mm CNC Laser/Plasma/routing table that utilizes an STB4100 controller ran by Mach3. I use Solidworks with the HSMexpress plug-in to generate toopaths and G-code which is great for cutting and routing but I am looking for software that will engrave images much more seamless. Does anyone know if the NTB4100 board will work with Lightburn or do I need another board. I have looked into GRBL but I can’t find anything that supports external stepper drivers as my NEMA23s draw 4.2amps.

I would like to find an option that will work with both Mach3 and Lightburn. Any thoughts?

Output Gcode for use on Mach3
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Mach3’s PWM spindle output doesn’t change fast enough to drive a laser for image engraving.

GRBL just outputs step and direction signals like anything else, so it would be compatible with your external motor controllers. GRBL is a firmware, not a board though, so you’d need something like an Arduino running it, with either a motor shield or breakout board of some kind to connect the wiring up.

LightBurn does not support the STB4100.

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There are many boards that support external steppers. TinyG and Smoothie, for two. Even the cheap $30 GrblCNC shields for Arduino support external steppers, you just need to solder a header or make up a connector to bypass the built-in drivers.

Then there’s the other end of the market with the Gecko and similar.

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