Machine offline

Blue Chinese Machine, Ruida controller.
I set up Lightburn. It took a while to recognize my machine. I ran a few files. I realize I have my set up backwards as it outputs as a mirrored image. But the laser is now not connected with lightburn. on the laser panel it says LAN off. is that the issue and where on the machine can I change it? I got this laser second hand and have no manuals or original settings

Thank you in advance.

Are you able to use ‘usb’ connection?
Do you have bluetooth turned on? try turning it off.

I am trying to use the USB. I hadn’t thought of Bluetooth

I had thought I’d sent this. I have turned off bluetooth and no result.
I have located the LAN port and plugged a cable in but LB wants to know the IP address which I did not have.

On which OS? You may need a driver installed. For Windows, you can install the FTDI driver on the last page of the LightBurn install?


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