Machine Settings Hotkey & Workspace Zoom

Is there a hot key for machine settings?

On macOS or PC, when the default device shows “Disconnected” on the right panel, I have to select Edit menu > Machine Settings > Read… every time. My WIFI is fine, and this process reconnects my device perfectly each time. It never reconnects on its own.

A topic on the issue was closed: Machine Settings Button

I recently purchased Lightburn and went through the trial so maybe I’m missing something, but this has been a constant issue. I have to do the menu selection process mentioned above every time I open Lightburn, my device sleeps or randomly after working on a file. I don’t need to change what’s in device settings, but opening it from the menu and clicking the Read button is the only way to get the device to show Ready and allow jobs to start or be sent. I’ve also tried suggestions of Shift clicking Devices in the right tab and selecting my configured device, but that does not make it reconnect and show Ready.

Also, is there a way to zoom in or out on the defined device settings area?

It seems we can only choose a specific area to scroll zoom in and not able to alt, ctrl, shift to scroll zoom in or out on the defined workspace as a whole.

Have you tried right-clicking on devices to reconnect?

Can you explain what this is? Only device settings I’m aware of there’d be little value trying to zoom in and out.

Is this related to the previous question? If so, are you talking about navigation within the workspace?

If so, I suggest you read through the documentation on zooming, panning, selection. The available options are quite rich:
Zooming, Panning, Selection - LightBurn Software Documentation

Right, not shift click works to reconnect. Thanks!

The zoom issue I mentioned is maybe better described as being able to move the workspace and then zoom instead of pointing/hovering the mouse on a location and then zooming in.

The documentation is quite dense in that every line likely provides some insight.

You can use middle-mouse button press+hold to move the workspace. Then mouse wheel allows zoom in/out. Alternatively, you can press space and drag to move the workspace. If you’re working with touchpad 2 finger up down motions do zoom in/out.

Now I feel dense, totally missed the space option for trackpad. Thanks again!

I’m not joking when I say the documentation is really dense. You skip a line and you’ve missed a whole feature.

Hope that makes it less frustrating. I recall it being a gamechanger for me.

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