Machine skews all engravings in fill mode

My machine whenever I set it to fill, skews the engraving. It does it regardless of image or not. I’ve tried the PWS settings to no avail. It only does this when the image stretches the majority of the engraving bed. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve tried leveling the bed, all the settings lightburn and all the forums I could find. Has one one experienced this? The image below shows the line version and the fill starting below. You can see it is skewed to the left.

It may be my old, good eye acting up (or not enough coffee, maybe :man_shrugging:), but I am not seeing what you’re pointing out here. Show us a better example with a single, simple shape where you observe this skewing, and we can go from there.

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I will snag a better one later. The bottom of the square on the 130 has a darker angled square overlapping. That’s the part. I stopped it so it didn’t run for the 1.1 hours. I marked up this pic to kinda help in the mean time. The red lines are the square that was done in line mode. The blue is the same image, same exact location, size, parameters, just set to fill. It slowly begins to skew left.

Thanks for pointing attention to the specific section. Take a look at this, it is worth review.

I looked at all the forums and did just that. Turned on/off the PWM and it still did it.

Here is a picture of what it’s doing. This was a solid black square 16 in long and 1 inch wide. See how it starts off all weird and then straightens up?

Then here is the same line, just shorter and it works fine?

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