Macro docs? how-to?

I have been running Lightburn for a few months. Love it, BUT… Unable to figure out macros and do not find any good documentation. I was thinking to set up a macro to make a routine for the laser, like " home, then goto x, y and turn laser on at .5%" Is that even possible? Is that what the macros are for? I just can’t figure out how they work. Docs? Suggestions?.. Kerry
Ortur LM1, MAC OSX.

Yes you can.
Are you familiar with Gcode commands?
I cannot tell you how to do what you want as i am not familiar with your controller / gcode flavor.
For my controller, this is what I would do (Do not run this on your controller unless you know what works for you). i am running Smoothieware:
$H (Home)
G90 (Absolute coordinates)
X100 Y100 (move in X 100mm and Y 100mm from origin)

then command to turn the laser on (each controller / setup has their specific commands)
Please be careful with macros commands related to movements and laser output. machines are dumb robots.

‘Turn the laser on’ already exists, if that’s what you’re planning to use it for:

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