Made a design in illustrator not copying correctly

Hello all I made a design in illustrator with system fonts I bought and installed. Then I saved it as illustrator and as an svg version. Then When I went to open the svg it’s using the completely wrong fonts in different sizes and different orders. If I try to open the SVG it just opens my pen tool design and not any of my fonts. However I can retype everything in lightburn but I feel like I shouldn’t have too? Then I read that some people copy and paste the image from illustrator and paste into light burn but that did the same exact thing where it just pastes the pen tool stuff and not the text at all. Any suggestions?

Change the fonts in your Illustrator design to outlines before saving the file. No need to save as an svg either, Lightburn imports .ai files perfectly.

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I have seen in a few places on these forums that LB works well with Illustrator-- imports .ai files “perfectly” and even supports copy/paste. So I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, or if there are limitations to what LB can do with Illustrator files.

I can’t include the Illustrator file here, but I have added a screenshot of what the file should look like, plus some screenshots of what that file does in LB. It’s a mix of vectors and rasters, using a regular clipping mask to shape the rasters. The raster art is mostly three linked JPGs, but linked properly and not missing. There is one piece of embedded artwork which seems to work better…I just want to confirm whether or not that this IS a limitation of importing AIs into LB, as linking, not embedding, is more best practice in the pro world. But, also, the vectors are clearly also not working very well.

Illustrator file:

Copy and pasted into LB:


Illustrator version: 25.4.1
LightBurn version: 1.2.04
OS: Windows 10

Whoops. Just found this older post that clarifies that LB does not support Illustrator Clipping Masks: Clipping Mask Adobe Illustrator

But, linked in that post, is this article: Image Masking - LightBurn Software Documentation
showing how to use clipping masks in LB itself. So I just redid the artwork so that I’m importing the vector cut lines only, importing the rasters separately into LB, and doing all the clipping there. Works well, though it would be nice to be able to do complete artwork in Illustrator and just import/send in LB. Ah well. This way does guarantee more control for layers, I suppose.

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