Make lines burn as a single line

I am burning a sign that has thicker lines and am wondering if there is way to make the lines burn as a single line instead of an outline of the thicker lines? Any suggestions or information on how to make this or if that isn’t an option.

Thanks in advance.

Edit the drawing would be my guess.

Can you try to image trace and use its output?

Providing a picture of what you are having trouble with would be helpful. But from your description, I think this is what you are referring to. In this attached file, I brought in a CAUTION - LASER IN USE sign and traced it. LaserSign_Caution_as_Traced.lbrn (328.6 KB)

The preview of this job shows the following fill strategy (noting the lettering, frames, and symbol are filled)

The fill strategy is a result of overlapping fills on the same layer. I think of fill from working from the outer edge into the center (where the outer most set of closed path interiors gets filled first, and then it alternates from there) Other examples:

Take note these overlapping vectors are on different layers, so the layer fill strategy is irrespective of each other:

That same drawing as before, BUT see the difference when everything is on a common layer and that fill strategy I spoke of is present:

And because I was having fun:

So, back to my assumption. When you said “thicker lines”, I am thinking you meant two sets of vectors close together (similar to how this sign traced):

See, in vector drawings, there is no line thickness. A vector is a “weightless” line defined by its end-points and nodes. What you’re calling thicker lines, I assume is most likely a result of the pictured example.

So to correct this, I can select the drawing and ungroup everything:

Then I can select one set of those offset vectors and remove one:

Now, take note this is why I went on the tangent of fill strategy. See the result in this particular example of how that changed the fill strategy (but also keep in mind how layers can be used to get the desired result you seek):

I hope this helps you or someone else!


The only way to make a single laser line thicker is to put the beam out of focus and use more power. If it is in focus, it’s like a pen - it produces lines with a fixed, uniform width. If you want to make thicker lines with a pen, you need to draw more lines beside each other.

Because of the lack of information initially presented, I am not sure if the question was about making thicker lines or about having double line.

Hey, maybe it was a combination of both? :slightly_smiling_face:

But, @EandDs, if you are interested in the out of focused method then check out my finished creation post using this design:

@Stroonzo Thanks for the lesson. That taught me a couple things that I didn’t know. I am new to this and appreciate all the help. What I meant by this post was is there was a way for me to make the filled lines of this drawing skinnier. Thanks again for the help!

What does this look like in LightBurn? Is this a vector or a bitmap?

It is a vector.

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Awesome. Select the text shapes and use the Offset tool, inward to thin to the desired size. Does this produce what you want?

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It does exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

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