Makerbase MKS DLC32 Controller × 1

After reading a lot about Makerbase controllers here in the forum, I ordered one. It came in yesterday, I was so happy, until I opened the package. It was missing several parts. The top plate, bottom plate and all the stand off mounting hardware. So I started researching what I ordered, turns out that I ordered the $39 kit instead of the $54 kit. I found the parts that I needed and ordered them. The extra parts cost me $9.60. Grand total of paying for the whole kit - $48.60. I saved $5.40 ordering parts separately. I got lucky!


How long did you have to wait for it?

Mine was ordered and it slated for delivery almost a month after I ordered it…


My board took 3-1/2 weeks to make it to me. It sat almost 3 weeks in Chicago/customs…
Well, guess I overpaid for mine by $5.40, one nice cup of coffee. The top and bottom plates do provide some protection and look rather nice too. I don’t regret buying the ‘armor’ as they call it.
I have yet to mount the board and i don’t use the display - no support for it with FluidNC. I do use the WiFi though. Attached a couple pics of the armor. Fan not included… found it in my junk box and it fit. Not necessary at all…

Housing for the board and screen


I ordered mine on 08/17 so it took about 8/9 days or so. I ordered my kit from Kingroon, I found the parts kit on Ali, won’t be in until around 09/22. A month from now. That’s “Ali” for you ! Slow but you do get it.

That looks cool all put together.

I picked up this one… too tight to get a nice one like that…

Screenshot from 2022-08-28 06-43-44

And I have an extra driver… Have no clue as to what model the drivers are but…


Same board, just no display. Probably what I should have done. Mine came with 2 stepsticks -4988s…meh.

Truly, The one you got is all I really need !! But I have a problem, I have this thing with lights, bells, buzzers and anything else you can stick on there. Make it look cool and mount it the dash of your fighter jet !! LOL

Are the A4988

Thanks… wasn’t sure what they were… Aliexpress, shows out for delivery, when it’s not through customs yet. USPS will keep me updated to where it really is… they are waiting for it since the 18th…


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