Making the move to Lightburn is the RDC6445GT5 okay?

Hey All,
I have been using my 100w laser machine for almost a decade. The controller is fiddly and the software is brutal. I am looking to make the move to Lightburn and wanted to get your blessing on moving to the RDC6445GT5. I am very excited to be able to use modern software!

Should be fine. Lightburn run with Ruida …

What is in there now? Just curious…


Machines from that era may have strange & bizarre steppers / servos, peculiar laser interfaces, and so forth and so on.

The mechanics will certainly be usable, but check all the interfaces to figure out how much other stuff you must replace in addition to the controller.

While in the machine I see I have got 85 hours of work time out of this thing. Kinda cool.

@ednisley - Thanks for the heads up! I have modern parts for replacements, but am hoping this is not a complete rebuild.

@jkwilborn - It looks like the machine is running System Version LC980TC - Similar to if not exactly, DSP CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver Machine LCD Motion Controller System

If I do need replacements and the ones I have on hand don’t work out… Do you have a brand or setup you like?

Things like stepper motors and driver bricks are commodity items; if you buy from reasonably reputable Amazon / eBay sellers, they’ll work just fine. In this context, “reputable” means specializing in techie hardware and not also selling beach toys, fat-tire e-bikes, and cosmetics.

I have three different laser power supplies sporting three different brand labels with identical ZYE PCBs inside. The one I bought from Cloudray with a Cloudray sticker may be better than the dead one with a ZYE sticker, but to my eye they’re all the same.

Laser tubes seem to be another matter, where buying from a reputable seller, like Cloudray, should get you a fresh, good-quality tube. Buying from J. Random Seller will probably get you a fourth-shift QC reject with a really pretty sticker.

Stipulated: I may be too cynical.

Any chance for a couple of photos?

I think a move to a Ruida would be a smart one.

A few photos and maybe we help you envision what you might need to replace.


Thanks for all the info!
My machine is against a wall so it is hard to see the controller uint and servo controllers. Here are some pics, I hope they help.

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