Marks at the cutting line

Hello friends. I get some burn marks, or some damage points on the cut line. Happend approximately every cm . Anyone knows this problem and can anyone help me to solve this small problem


Most likely your honeycomb bed causing flash if the marks are on the back side.

Would be just guessing based on the information you have provided. We need more to be of help.

It’s onnot only because the honeycomb , the mark is after every 5mm, also I can see the the laser flame getting harder every 5mm. I’m sure it’s a combination laser and honeycomb, but why the machine doing this, I mean making a stronger laser flame and always after each 5 mm
I’m using a Chinese machine (working fabulous) using ruida
And using the last software of lightburn. I got same issue when I use rdworks

Yes I’m using the last version of lightbun. The machine is running by Ruida. And it’s not a new problem , I always got those point also when I using rdworks

Please post picture of the output so we can “see” the same that you do.

Those look like flashback marks from the bed. Try lifting the material off bed some to see if these resolve.

this picture after lifting the material. i can t see any point anymore. I think it s solved
thanks Rick thanks all

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