Material Library with different lasers

I have several lasers and noticed the materials I set up in the library are there regardless of which laser I’m using. Is there a way to only show the ones for the current laser? Or do I just have to put the laser name in each material name?

They nest pretty deep. I do something I think is similar, but with each lens. Might be applicable to your situation.

Screenshot from 2022-05-31 15-48-37

You can name the files themselves anything and load the one you want to work with…?

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We did a thing to help with this exact flow in mind. :wink:

Users with multiple lasers

If you have more than one laser, and they’re different types or wattages, there are new features in LightBurn that will make moving between them cleaner, and we’ll be continuing to improve this in the future. Your speed / units settings are now remembered with the laser, so switching to a CO2 from a diode will switch you from mm/min to mm/sec (or whatever you use), and auto-load your material library for the machine. The specific windows enabled are also saved / restored, so the console window will hide for a CO2 system, and reappear for diodes.

Is this via the ‘device’ that’s selected?


Yes. LightBurn now saves a few of the device-specific information, which is restored when you select that profile. This allows for autoloading a unique Material Library per device profile. One for a 10w Diode, and a different library for a 80w CO2 laser system for example. :slight_smile:

Hmm. I have 1.1.03. I’ll have to see if it’s there somewhere. If I need the latest update I’ll have to pay, my license recently expired.

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