Material Lists Library?

How can I find the Material Library that lists the types of materials? When I open Window/Library it is merely a blank window. Is there somewhere else in LB that I can click to open the list of materials?

LightBurn does not come with a pre-made list. There are too many different types of lasers. The material library is for you to make your own. But if you search around you will find plenty of posts on the forum where people have posted theirs.
We’ve discussed including a few sets of very basic material libraries for different machine types. Just haven’t gotten that far yet.

Thank you I get to it.

I have finally gotten light burn to respond (a bit) I have set the power to various settings trying to get the laser to burn even at 100% it just shines a blue light on the workboard but no burns. I have tried multiple settings but am not successful is there something in the software that is a logical setting to increase/decrease the burning power?

This is not a Materials Library issue as much as it is getting your Ortur set and working properly, and also having things setup correctly in LightBurn. Let’s start there.

Have you been able to set up and run a simple 10mm by 10mm square cut successfully? What device did you use when setting up LightBurn for the first time? What are your current firmware settings? We are going to need more about your current configuration and setup to offer suggestions that could help.

I am moving this post over to the Ortur section as it fits there and you will get better responses.

I have been able to burn “Light Burn” into cardboard and wood. Device? It’s the 20w ORTUR. The "firmware settings “now” that came with the system. I clicked around on the “settings” at first and messed it up so bad that it went brain-dead. So I uninstalled the LB software and started over. Now Im reluctant to change anything in settings.
I think this section you sent me to will be very helpful. As many of the issues I’m having are experienced by many others posting here.
As this learning curve continues Ill be back.
Thanks for your date.

Watch a few of the help/support videos listed on Lightburn site and YouTube. You will need to get comfortable with experimenting and making new settings for cut and engrave on many materials. I keep a lot of experimental settings in a spreadsheet before I transfer them to the Material library.

I will set up a spreadsheet “I should have done that in the first place”

Hi Matt As Im very new to this programme I had the same problem, it took me days of messing with drivers and firmware for the control pcp.I finally have Lightburn working properly by installing 1.1h firmware. It has worked for me but it was purlely by chance I think. 1.1f had my laser doing exactly what you discribe, it might be worth trying.