Material test gweike cloud

Hello All
I am new here and brand new to lasers, so I’m struggling a little to wrap my head around it.
reading everyone’s posts have helped.
Right now I’m trying to run material tests.
I have an idea of the speed/powers settings I would like to use. But when I go to edit material settings within the material test, there is no where to enter material height?
Currently I adjust this when playing around in cuts/layers to find my focus height but I can’t do this within the material test.
I hope that makes sense :smiling_face:

I do not see your machine has a powered Zaxis. Focus is set using a focus tool (rod or shim) by manually adjusting the Z position. I do not understand why you are making focus adjustments in the Cuts/Layers window.

Maybe you can explain the process you are using?

The whole area is determined by the size of each box and the number of boxes…


Thank you for your response. I believe it is powered but could be wrong. I currently follow a post I found on here that has been helpful. It is this process I’m using.

Sorry I might add that I also tried to move the z axis into the correct height prior to running the test, using the move tool but when I began the test it did what think was try to auto focus and the head moved down and probed the material. I let it run that test anyway but it was clearly not in focus.

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