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In the machine settings on a Ruida controller, there is a place to record min and max laser power.

If I list a minimum 11% and max 65% here - What happens when I set a cut or scan power setting? Can I list 5% power it’s 5% of the 11-65% range (13.7%)? Or 50% in cut settings would become 38% at the laser (50% between 11 & 65)

Alternatively I thought that perhaps I’d recieve an error message, but did not. I don’t have a power meter to confirm actual numbers and am worried most about the upper end of the settings and blowing the tube prematurely.

If not, how does this work?

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Oz (Dev) has said power scaling could be added on the version after next:

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Good to know - That would be very beneficial.

However, I read through the post and didn’t see what the actual use of the min & max power in the machine settings was though…

[Edit] Oh - I re-ready and it seems to indicate that if I set power to anything more than 65%, it’ll just fire at 65%. And if I set at 5%, it’ll change that to 11%. Correct?

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Unfortunately yes, these seem to be “clamped limits” not scales.

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I have the machine set to 7% as the lowest power (just about to fire), and 75% as the highest (maximum mA).

When I set the power to 100% it’s really 75%, and if I set the power to 80% it’s still really 75% – is that right?

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Correct - I’d want to test with a really low max power (20%?) on the machine setting to confirm that if the LB cut setting is 100% the actual power is limited to 20% power as expected.

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