Max power machine setting

In the machine settings on a Ruida controller, there is a place to record min and max laser power.

If I list a minimum 11% and max 65% here - What happens when I set a cut or scan power setting? Can I list 5% power it’s 5% of the 11-65% range (13.7%)? Or 50% in cut settings would become 38% at the laser (50% between 11 & 65)

Alternatively I thought that perhaps I’d recieve an error message, but did not. I don’t have a power meter to confirm actual numbers and am worried most about the upper end of the settings and blowing the tube prematurely.

If not, how does this work?

Oz (Dev) has said power scaling could be added on the version after next:

Good to know - That would be very beneficial.

However, I read through the post and didn’t see what the actual use of the min & max power in the machine settings was though…

[Edit] Oh - I re-ready and it seems to indicate that if I set power to anything more than 65%, it’ll just fire at 65%. And if I set at 5%, it’ll change that to 11%. Correct?

Unfortunately yes, these seem to be “clamped limits” not scales.

I have the machine set to 7% as the lowest power (just about to fire), and 75% as the highest (maximum mA).

When I set the power to 100% it’s really 75%, and if I set the power to 80% it’s still really 75% – is that right?

Correct - I’d want to test with a really low max power (20%?) on the machine setting to confirm that if the LB cut setting is 100% the actual power is limited to 20% power as expected.

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