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I really really love the software but have yet to get it to work and have see many requests for the laser profile for the AnyCubic Mega Pro and have not found it. I have looked at:
ANYCUBIC Mega Pro and anycubic-i3-mega-pro-gcode-laser/27521 (which I was not allowed to post the full url due to being limited to two urls since I am a new user. Never heard of such a limitation) on other sites - Which I am confused by because I saw no update it was just closed.
any-cubic-mega-pro-combo/23085 (once again upload limitation) - very long but still left unanswered questions.
Anycubic GRBL - LB Software won't Jog Laser - #38 by TowGunner - OZ on Jan 18th 2021 states “Yup - I’ll bookmark it and will have to make an AnyCubic profile that does the G6 commands” Yet I telling you upfront I am a newbie to so if that has been done can you please post the location of where to find it because myself and other I know would love to find it. This post also gives the solution by [TowGunner] but can not follow his instructions because the software requests a laser to be setup or it will close and can not follow hist steps.

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