Middle Mouse wheel - CrossTalk between Click&drag and Zoom

It seems my Trackball middle mouse which is a wheel used for zooming as well, when holding for dragging the viewport is also zooming, like there is a cross talk between two commands at the same time. drag works but with zooming out to infinity. With fusion this does not happen. pressing middle +trackball = orbit, no zoom in/out and when i roll middle mouse wheel it zooms in/out.

Maybe i am missing a setting somewhere?
How do i monitor the mouse to see if this is a driver issue or maybe a trackball is not compatible with lb? i do not have a normal mouse to try.

This is my trackball.

I have a logitech trackmarble, a great tool for this type of work. I tested the circumstances you describe and holding the wheel button (middle button) down while rolling the marble does pan the screen. If my finger on the wheel slips just a bit while doing this, there’s a zoom change too.

Could your settings be on the high side for the wheel sensitivity? For the trackmarble, there’s a control panel adjustment to set performance, which may be too high for your use.


Your control panel interface may be custom to the mouse, as well.

Hi Fred, these are my settings.
I will try yours and report back.

Thank you.

I am sorry to say this did not solve my issue.
When i either roll or tilt the wheel lb zooms in and out. when i press it down i can drag the viewport but in about a second a zoom kicks in like 5Hz steps inwards away from screen and in few seconds holding middle wheel the workspace is far away in the distance.

Are there any other options in the settings for it that might be relevant? All I’m doing is responding to ‘wheel’ events, for zoom, and click-drag shouldn’t be those.

In my case zoom is continues - it’s not like one step jump due to finger slip. i assume in your case you just get one small zoom step and that’s it unlike in my case where as long as i press the wheel down without even the slightest rotation - zoom is activated continually until workspace reaches infinity.

This does not happen with my Slicer “Cura”. with Cura all works as it should:

  • Rolling wheel zooms in / out.
  • Pressing down on wheel Pan & Scan without any zooming action unless i deliberately apply rotation while holding down the wheel - works flawlessly.

I’ve ordered one so I can try to see what’s going on under the hood. LightBurn simply responds to ‘wheel events’ from the framework, so I can’t think of a reason this would be happening.

Thank you.

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