Min and max cut settings

hi i am sorry if ime being thick but after installing a new 60w tube in a ten high laser and installing a ruida controller i have noticed that min and max setting in lightburn seem almost swapped?
if i set mu ruida controller to max of 75% power so i dont over run the tube
and then i say cut a circle in lightburn on this occassion i set 12mm a sec
max 60% power and the min was set to 15 then on my amp meter during the cut it was displaying 4m/a ?
i then upped max power in light burn to 75% and still it showed 4m/amps
BUT when i upped the min power in lightburn then the m/a showed more and eventually i set it to 12mm sec with a min power of 50% and it sliced though 3mm faced ply i one pass ay 18m/a
so is it the min power that sets your output? coz that seems a bit backward to me i assumed if i wanted to use more power in a cut i had to increase the max power setting not the min

Info here:

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