Minimum power button disappeared

I have updated my Lightburn app and now I can’t find the minimum power settings button. Any help please ?

Min power being displayed for g-code lasers for any cut type other than grayscale images was a bug and was corrected in 1.1.00. It didn’t have any effect outside of grayscale and was potentially confusing.

I have a simple Sculpfun S9 diode laser and have used the minimum power feature up to now. Without it I am getting burns in the corners and on small parts

You’re the second person I’ve seen mention that they were using minimum power previously and were attributing not having this to darkened areas. Curious as it should not have any effect.

Can you post a .lbrn file created before the version upgrade that used to work but is now showing the burn marks?

Also, can you confirm your device type by clicking the Devices button in the laser window and taking a screenshot?

The blue line is where the min power adjustment button used to be

Are you comfortable uploading the .lbrn file here? Ideally this would be one saved in the previous version.

If not, is it possible that you are using Constant Power Mode? This would prevent power from being reduced for acceleration/deceleration which would be necessary at corners to prevent burning.

Balsa wood 100 x 300mm template.lbrn2 (22.1 KB)

I realize I have new good way to test this right now.

2 things:

  1. Can you save the gcode for one of the problem files? The simplest one where you see a change in behavior would be best.
  2. Then can you downgrade to the last working version and save gcode again?

Save as .txt and upload here. I’d like to see how the gcode has changed. Again, the working theory is that min value shouldn’t have been a factor but maybe something else at play.

All releases here for reference:
Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment · GitHub

File that burns.txt (98.5 KB)

H I have managed the gcode for the file that burns but I have not had an older version on my new Windows laptop that had the min power button. I can go back to my Mac and try to get it from there if this will be OK ?

Yes. That should be totally fine. Should be the same code.

Thank you. I’ll need a few minutes

Older file.txt (57.7 KB)

I have also included a screenshot showing the min power button

Okay. I was able to review the files. I assume these came from different project files as they looked fairly different and one had 2 layers.

I see no difference in the way power is handled. However, the main difference in the file that you identified as burning is that the speed is configured much slower (450 mm/min vs 300 mm/min). This would for sure cause more burning in general.

Could this account for what you’re seeing?

Oh no sorry I was testing different speeds to try to eliminate the burn and forgot I’d changed it. Should I change it back and send again ?

Did you see the screenshot with the min power button ?

Yes. I’m aware of the button. It was considered a bug that it was showing since it was confusing. It appeared a few releases back.

Preferably this would be with a completely unchanged file from when it last worked… but if not, that’s okay. As long as it represents the working code it should be fine.