Mirror sizes on 80watt

The mirrors on my on my 80watt machine are 20mm diameter. Is there a upside or downside to go with
25mm mirrors. I know it would include all mirrors bracket and laser head change.
I was just wanting to go with a system that was capable of having 3 different focal length lenses. Or just change laser head tube assembly. the ones i have found carry a 25mm mirror on laser head assembly.
If first and second mirros are 20mm and 3rd mirror is 25mm will that work.

Your first mirror is so close to the tube it doesn’t matter. For your #2 mirror, it depends on how close to the center you are when you get the beam parallel. If you are pretty close to center I wouldn’t worry about it.For me, I was just far enough off center that I was heating the bracket slightly. If I cut for more than two hours relatively steady, it wold throw my beam to the #3 off a bit. The halo of the beam was just catching the edge. I put a small fan in my side access panel and lived with it for three months until I got around to upgrading it to 25mm. The fan worked just fine, and my tube mount was such that I didn’t want to mess with it to raise the laser tube relative to the #2 mirror.

If you are going to get a head to do multiple focal lengths, then defiantly get a 25mm mirror while you are at it.

Overkill is under rated…

thanks dave
i think getting the adjustable laser head that has 3 focal lenght lensees and 25 mm mirror on top will be best option. thanks again

I was looking at the same thing, but went with cutting Russ’ lightweight aluminum one from acrylic and heating / bending it. I don’t have access to the tools necessary to make one from aluminum.

Have yet to actually install it, still working out the kinks on my acrylic #2 holder. My old SAE eyes and a metric tape measure don’t always get along. Once the #2 is mounted, tested, and aligned, then it’s time to mount the new #3 setup.

His lightweight mount will accept the Coudray C Series lens tube, so I’ll be good from HD to 4". Add some extensions and I could probably put a 6" in there if I wanted to.

I am looking at Cloudray E Series Cutter Head for Focusing Lens D20mm FL 50.8mm & 63.5mm & 101.6mm for Laser Engraving Cutting Machine. This is on amazon for about 52.00 dollars. No mirror or lense. Would tthis be ok? Mirror is 25mm and lense are 20mm.

Yeah, C and E series are pretty much the same for lens tubes. I looked at the difference and near as I can tell it’s the outer diameter. I’ve not looked directly at the heads to see what tube and nozzle’s they take so I can’t say more on the actual head. Do be careful. You have bottom mount heads and side mount heads. They are not interchangeable.

My acrylic heat and bend unit came out nicely so I’m hopeful on that. A scrap of acrylic from a project vs $$ for a new head is worth a try. With the mirror in front of the acrylic instead of being held behind a hole, any beam scatter that might heat it up is pretty minimal. The glued joint adds to the sturdiness.

His original mount was for a 20mm mirror. We both works on a 25mm version. I just expanded his 20mm design and adapted the mirror mounts from his #2 holder. Russ of course went with a redesign.

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