MKS DLC32 adapter for JL1

Y -axis home: I just jammed 2-pin female plug into 3-pin jack, not bad.
Motors need no modification.
Need just one adapter and you are done. These are all JST XH connectors.

Be careful with manual, Laser pinout is messed up. It was already covered in March and topic is already closed. Connector installed backwards, power still on the right. Here it is again:


While studying manufacturer GIT files - for some reason there appeared to be two DLC32 GITs, one from Makerbase and another from Macrobase, very suspicious.

Makerbase has docs matching pinout for board rev2.1
Macrobase has latest firmware, but only one wiring doc that does not match rev2.1.

Make sure you check both. It appeared to me that Makerbase is the right one.