MOPA Q-pulse setting only works with the material test


ich verwende die neuste Version LB 1.6.03 mit meinem 30W MOPA M7 Faser Laser und erstelle gerade mit mehreren “Material Test” einige Tests auf Edelstahl platten, damit sehe wie das Material reagiert und welche Farben entstehen.

Nachdem ich mich für eine Einstellung entschieden habe, habe ich diese Einstellung für eine Ebene verwendet, jedoch scheint es mir, als ob die Software die Eingabe in dem Feld “Q-Pulse” ignoriert und den höchsten Wert (vermutlich 200ns) verwendet, anstatt meinen eingestellten 8ns.

Ist das ein Fehler in der Software oder habe ich eine Einstellung übersehen?

Hello I’m using the latest version LB 1.6.03 with my 30W MOPA M7 fiber laser and I’m currently doing some tests on stainless steel plates with several “Material Test” to see how the material reacts and what colors are created.

After deciding on a setting, I used that setting for a layer, however, it seems to me that the software ignores the input in the “Q-Pulse” field and uses the highest value (presumably 200ns) instead of my set 8ns.

Is this a bug in the software or have I missed a setting?

Can you check the Edit → Device Settings to ensure q-pulse is enabled?

Check to make sure it has your MOPA configured for the correct fiber type.

Good luck


Können Sie die Edit → Geräteeinstellungen überprüfen, um sicherzustellen, dass q-pulse aktiviert ist?

Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr MOPA für den richtigen Glasfasertyp konfiguriert ist.

Viel Glück


Hello jkwilborn,

Thanks for your answer.
The laser type is set to fiber and I have already activated Q-Pulse, but the input is not used by the software.

Do you have another idea?

Note: If the Q-Pulse function was deactivated in the device settings, the input field would not be displayed.

Q-Pulse function activated:

Q-Pulse function deactivated:

Hello, Following along.

> the software ignores the input in the “Q-Pulse” field and uses the highest value (presumably 200ns) instead of my set 8ns.

How do you determine Q-pulse is 200 and not 8?

PS Highest value is typically somewhere around 350-500

Hello Albroswift,

I estimated the 200ns. In any case, the value is much higher than the 8ns which I set.

If I use the settings with another program, the result is that the engraving with LB is black and the other software delivers the desired result.

Hello, Gummi2000 Guessing you are trying for reds with the 8ns? And with material test you get the correct results but when you duplicate those settings in the cut/ layers settings you get different results? Or different results only with other program?
Please post as many screenshots as you can, your cut/ layer settings, machine settings, Material test settings, etc.

You can check real pulse width with JPT gui software. All what you need is rs232 to usb male cable. I can send software later.


that’s exactly how it is.

I would send screenshots later

He has a MOPA, the maximum frequency is 4mHz … this is from the manual.

A frequency of 1 is for CW mode. :thinking:


Yep. Did I say something different?

Did I misinterpret this? … Guess so… fixed the post… I was thinking frequency for some odd reason…

Please accept my apologies. :pray:


Yea, i was talking q pulse. All’s good.
Still like to see his settings.

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Here are some screenshots;

Machine Settings:


Layer Settings:

Material test:


The crocodile should be green and not black :frowning:

Tell me if you need more screenshots or informations

I see what you are saying, speed 700mm/s 125 KHz, 8ns q-pulse 80% power line increment 0.0010 produces a light color (Green?) on the material test but solid black on the gator.
Do you have more then 1 cut layer in the file, and is it possible the gator is on the wrong cut layer?
If you want to post the file, I have some of those tags around I could try on my machine later.

The color should be

I have one layer with gator filled and after that an outline.

I will post the file later

Here is the green gator file:
gator_VA-color green.lbrn2 (41,6 KB)

When I download the file the frequencies are 20 KHz on the fill and 40KHz on the line, your material test is 125 KHz I won’t have a chance to run the file tonight but something to check.
Good luck!



I checked the file and found that there are two Power settings and the frequency is set to 125k
whats wrong here with this strange thing?

Hello, Gummi2000
Does your cut setting editor show 125K or 20K?
I have not generated the screen you show above so you are way ahead of me on that, what procedure do you use to output the text?

Strange behavior.
I made sure my settings were 4000KHz max, re-opened your file, still opens at 20KHz. Created a new laser, same results. Shows image at 100KHz.
Maybe try deleting both the image and the line layer, and just sub layer layer 17 so one is fill, one is line. Just run the fill layer to start with.