More air. Less smell

As part of the re-do of the air-system I’m working on, I cut a template out of 2mm “grayboard”/cardboard. I have temporary air lines run as I’m figuring out layout, and currently have 10psi going to the nozzle vs the aquarium-style air-pump.

Grayboard, for whatever reason, absolutely reeks when cut. MrsRojhan finds the smell extremely objectionable.

I had previously done a test cut on 3mm birch and noticed a much cleaner cut and essentially no smoke-staining. The 10psi cut with grayboard, same speed/power as used before, resulted in a “huh, where’s the smell?” Even MrsRojhan was “oh, that’s a lot less and kinda like campire, not… gag

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Air in and air out are the key. Good air assist makes for cleaner cuts, and good exhaust, preferably with the fan at the point of exit, makes for the best cutting environment. If you can get laminar flow across the work that will help even more.

TIP: Engrave towards your exhaust, it will make for cleaner engraving, especially in acrylic. A good habit to get into.

I tend to cover everything in masking paper… I found a site where I can get rolls up to 50cm wide…
Okay, it’s an added expense, but all smoke staining resides on this, removes easely and no extra cleaning/washing/sanding to do afterwards…

Do you mind to share where you buy those masking paper? As I recognized that your are located in Europe as I’m and I’m still looking out for a good source of masking paper. :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem at all :
This is a Belgian site, and in Dutch ,… I’ve already pointed you to the masking paper (Afdekpapier in Dutch)… The main difference between the white and the brown rolls is that the white is ‘waterproof’ as it’s original intent is to mask stuff when you’re painting, so that paint and/or water don’t get through, as where the brown paper rolls are just paper and work as a sponge :wink: Though the white are a bit more expensive, I prefer those as their glue makes for a better afhesion to gougher surfaces like wood …

Another nice use for these masking papers is ‘Stencil Art Grafitti’ …
You can take any picture, desaturate in Photoshop and posterise into 4 or 5 layers …
Then laser each layer out of masking tape, stick this to carboard or so and spray the open area with spraypaint (pref. low-pressure grafitti paint (
You can make a nifty DIY pop-art portrait this way :

Thank you very much! I will give this masking paper a try. :+1:
And also thank you for sharing your inspiring idea for DIY pop-art. :grin:

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